What Is MPP File?

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MPP is used by the Microsoft Project management file; it is an extension of the project file. It helps in storing resources, calendars, tasks, and may other project related items. One needs to have the Microsoft Project application to open an mMPP file. However if one does not have the Microsoft Project application there are a few methods which one can use to open an MPP file. Many applications and online websites help in opening the file; some of the applications may need to be downloaded and some can be used online.

One can look for these applications and websites on the net; they are safe and easy to use, plus, their user-friendly operation helps the user to go through the project without any hassle. However, the best way to use and view an MPP file is by buying Microsoft Project. It helps in developing a plan, analyzing workload, tracking progress, assigning resources to task, and managing the budget. This was Microsoft’s third windows-based application. It was widely used and within just two years of its introduction it became a very important PC-based software used to manage projects. The proprietary file format of Microsoft Project is MPP.

Microsoft Project is available in just two editions, professional and standard, and is available in 32 or 64 bit options. Project was firstly proposed by Alan M. Boyd, the Manager of Product development in Microsoft. The benefits of using Microsoft Project for reading and forming MPP files are many. It synchronizes the tasks to PDA, works with QuickBooks, and provides detailed reporting. There are time tracking project tasks and time sheets as well. In addition to that there are web based time sheets used for Microsoft project tasks. Over all, MPP files can be read by a number of applications, but Microsoft Project is the best at working with it .

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