What is MPP Extension?

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What is MPP Extension?
MPP is a file extension associated with Microsoft Project, a software developed and designed by Microsoft specifically for project management tasks. Through this software, users will get aid in formulating plans and tasks, allocating resources for particular projects, checking the progress of each individual task, and even analyzing and/or managing the overall project budget and financial concerns.

Any file with an MPP file extension points to a particular Microsoft Project file. When one wants to open a MPP file, the Microsoft Project application must be installed. Normally, one project file is saved to its corresponding MPP file. Along the course of a particular project, this single MPP file may be updated by various members of a project team. In this way, each member of a project management team will be able to access the updated project file. But to keep the file and information secure to unauthorized use and/or updating, the Microsoft Project application enables project management leaders to specify the access controls of team members. This means that users and members of the team may have individual access rights to different parts of the projects. Sensitive data on a particular project may be protected and blocked from access by certain user groups and types. While generic data may be open for everyone to view and/or update.

In the case of project files that are shared across a particular network, all users or team members may need to have the updated version of Microsoft Project. Having the latest and updated version at least guarantees that each user will be able to open an MPP file successfully, even if this file was made using a previous version. But if a MPP file is created using a new version, users won’t be able to open and/or view it using an old version of Microsoft Project. Errors may be encountered pointing to the file’s incompatibility with the application version on the computer. If this happens, the user’s only choice is to update his/her Microsoft Project to the latest version to ensure that he/she can open any file with MPP extension.

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