What is Mox News?


Mox News is an online news source provided by a man who calls himself Moxy. Through its own website and more popular through the video-sharing site YouTube, Mox News delivers various news videos from different news organizations and sources in the US and on the web including Fox News among others. The basic content of the so-called Mox News videos are selected video clippings from supposedly important news based on the tastes of its owner. This independent and free news video channel prides itself as not being commissioned by any network or any person. It simply means that whatever news appears on Mox News as posted on YouTube or its website are personal choices of the owner.

Some people like the idea of Mox News as it provides some humor to several news stories taken from the different news networks and organizations. There are even some groups that credit Mox News for delivering stories that actually matter to the public. For these groups, there are people that get their news not from standard means but rather through new channels or offerings like the videos by Mox News. With content that are carefully chosen and some parts edited out, some people dislike the whole idea of Mox News since the video clips may cause confusion rather than provide the real story.

With many who opposed the numerous videos uploaded by Mox News onto YouTube and its own website, it has been rumored that the free video channel got the ire from the people of Fox News. With opposition from the said network, YouTube was forced to shut down the page for Mox News. This has led to a lot of controversy since many fans of the public news channel had pointed out that some other Fox news clips are also being used by other people in their own videos that are shared on YouTube. For these people, Fox Network should not have singled out Mox News if the issue is the use of their news video clippings. Despite this setback though, some news videos of Mox News are still popular over the internet.

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    • Robin Huffman

      September 20, 2013 8:46 pm

      No one has ever answered my question. It has been 15 days. It still says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”. How long could moderation take? I’m beginning to believe this is ‘mock” as in ‘mocking’ news. I don’t agree with many things that I have seen. Especially regarding Ronald Reagan. The greatest President in my adult life. Would you kindly respond to my questions?


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