What is Movember?

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Movember refers to a month-long annual charity event wherein men in different parts of the world shave on November 1 and then spend the next 30 days growing a moustache. Men who participate in this charity event are called Mo Bros, and there is no age limit for joining. The objective of this campaign that involves encouraging men to grow moustaches is to raise awareness and collect funds that will be donated to charitable organizations that center on men’s health, more specifically, on prostate cancer.

Contrary to what many people believer, this movement did not originate in the medical industry. The Movember concept is actually conceived by a group of Australian young men who became inspired by the achievements of women in their fundraising efforts to fight breast cancer.

Unlike other events or foundations that were built from a cause, Movember started out as a joke among Adam Garone (the founder of Movember), his friend, and brother. According to the founder, the idea was conceived one Sunday afternoon while they were discussing about the fashion styles in the 80s and how fashion just cycles back. Because of this conversation, they came up with a challenge of bringing back the moustache.

In Australia, the slang term for the moustache is “Mo,” so they decided to change the name of November to Movember. They also created a simple rule of shaving on the 1st of November and then growing a moustache for the next 30 days.

They came up with this idea in 2003 and 30 of them grew moustaches on the November of that year. Because it quickly sparked attention among their friends, colleagues, and family, they decided to do this every year. They realized that the moustache can serve as a great accessory to build a cause and raise awareness about prostate cancer. A simple conversation among friends has indeed changed the way people view men’s health and November.

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