What is Motorboating?

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Motorboating is a slang word with a lot of meanings. When used a street word, it refers to the act of nuzzling a woman’s chest to make a weird sound similar to that of a motorboat engine. It is performed by placing the face in between the female’s breast and releasing some air with a pouted mouth. It can also be done by rapidly rocking one’s head from side to side of the breast while making “brrr” vibrations through the lips. It may be a part of foreplay prior to a sexual activity or just a leisure experiment done by couples. In one campaign, Motorboating was used to raise awareness of breast cancer among women. During the event, men found a way to motorboat their partners and shared the videos on social media such as Facebook and YouTube. Some other males also Motorboat women who volunteered to raise funds for breast cancer survivors.

On the other hand, Motorboating may also mean, driving a motorboat or a powerboat. Most motorboats have inboard engines that produce a loud hissing and roaring sound when started.

Motorboating can also be a type of sports or mockery, which is commonly uttered by men. In a movie “Wedding Crashers” Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson talked about Motorboating wherein Vaughn gave a funny example of such act. To some women, Motorboating can be a harsh term but it is also used as an idiomatic expression to refer to fun, naughtiness, or being playful.

Motorboating is also used in electronics. It refers to the variation of voltage in radio equipment, which produces a sound like that of an idling motorboat engine. This usually happens when the radio trans-receivers encounter interruptions, thus producing a “put-put-put” sound. When the radio frequency turns 1 to 10 hertz, Motorboating would start mildly until it turns into an annoying sound.

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