What is Moral?

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What is Moral?
Moral pertains to some form of judgment on which character or action is deemed right or wrong. It is like a practice or a belief on the goodness or badness of people’s thoughts, actions, or words. But more often than not, it is a perception of what is or what is not acceptable in terms of human conduct or behavior.

A person’s own morals pertain to his/her judgment on things. Through our own knowledge, experience, and values we set ourselves some sort of standard on what is wrong or right. Most of these values are sourced from various influences in our lives. Many get their moral values from their own homes through their families. Most of us get to experience what it’s like to be right or wrong being with our parents and siblings. It is through these encounters and experiences that we will know what is supposed to be acceptable behavior and what is not. Many of us also get values from other people like friends in school or at work, and from various people that we meet. We may have different ways of seeing things and situations, but it is still more of a personal choice on what to believe in as morally right or wrong.

Morality can also be applied to its social context. Though ultimately it is the person who will decide on what to take from his environment in terms of knowledge and values, many of these “lessons in life” are influenced by social factors. It’s like another standard people set up for themselves when communicating or responding to the world around them. Though people have their own personal convictions and beliefs, there are times that these beliefs and standards are adjusted to conform to social norms for a variety of reasons like acceptance or fear.

For some, one’s moral is more than just values and being able to distinguish right from wrong. It is a more complex idea of people’s duties or obligations to the external environment. Regardless of having values and knowing right from wrong, morality is always subjective and can never be forced upon a particular person. It is and will always be a choice for people to practice what they believe as right or wrong.

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