What is moonshine?

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Moonshine is a high-proof alcoholic drink that is typically produced via illegal means.  Its main ingredient is corn mash which undergoes the distillation process to produce its high-proof alcohol content.  The production and sale of moonshine is considered illegal in the US and in many countries for political and health reasons.

On the political side of things, many people that drink moonshine basically want to get away with the exorbitant taxes and fees that are imposed by authorities and governments with alcohol-based products. With this concern, many people have resorted to illegal means and make their own high-proof distilled spirit and named it moonshine.  This moniker is said to have been derived from “moonrakers” or people who were engaged in the illegal trading of whiskey in the past.  Aside from moonshine, some people also refer to this alcoholic drink as “hooch”, “white lightning”, or “Tennessee white whiskey”.

In terms of health concerns, the very high alcohol content of moonshine makes it a very toxic product.  Alcohol abuse is a concern for most people and people who get intoxicated with a highly-potent product like moonshine is enough to cause a health alert for authorities in most countries.  There are also concerns regarding the lack of quality control in making moonshine.  With this alcoholic drink made illegally, there are literally no standards or guidelines imposed in terms of the distillation process.  Many people are concerned about the improper manufacture of moonshine and the possible contamination and high toxicity of the end-product.  There is also the issue of proper temperature control which can also affect the quality of moonshine as an alcoholic product.  Despite these concerns though, moonshine continues to be popular and available in the black market.  Its manufacture and sale remains to be illegal in many countries around the globe because of taxation and health concerns.

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