What is Mocha?

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What is Mocha?
Most people know mocha as some chocolate-like flavor or some distinct coffee blend. What people aren’t aware about is that the mocha flavor in their coffees is not actually the real “mocha”. Little do people know that there is actually a variety of coffee bean called “mocha”. These mocha coffee beans are part of the Coffea arabica family which are said to be originally found and cultivated in Yemen and Ethiopia. When these actual mocha coffee beans are used, then one could say he/she is drinking’cafe mocha”. Mocha coffee beans are considered the oldest cultivated coffee in the world. Its production and shipment to other parts of the world was recorded as early as the 17th century.

But to most people, “cafe mocha” or the “mocha” flavor in coffee refers to the added chocolate in traditional coffee. In fact, the original mocha-flavored coffee is just a variant of the cafe latte which contains espresso and milk. And if chocolate is added, then cafe latte becomes cafe mocha. For mocha flavorings in coffee, either dark or milk chocolate may be used. Some prefer to use cocoa powders while others use chocolate syrup to easily mix with the coffee blend. When white chocolate is used, cafe mocha now becomes “white cafe mocha”.

But aside from coffee preparations, mocha flavorings are also used in making other food items particularly cakes and ice creams. In these food items, mocha flavorings usually refer to the mixture of coffee, milk, and chocolate. And since mocha flavorings already contain milk and chocolate, much of it is used in various chocolate-based pastries and desserts. Common flavor variants include a mix of pure chocolate and mocha with other ingredients such as vanilla and cream. Along with vanilla and pure chocolate, mocha flavors is also famous in various ice cream brands and many cake preparations.

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