What is MMT Transmission?

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What is MMT Transmission?
MMT Transmission or Multimode Manual Transmission is offered by Toyota Company. MMT Transmission is a sequential manual transmission that makes use of the conventional manual transmission. However, the clutch is controlled electronically. Multimode Manual Transmission should not be mistaken as the same as the Multimode Automatic Transmission. MMT Transmission cars are used by Toyota Aygo, Yaris, and Auris. However, MAT Transmission is offered by Toyota in the North American market.

There are five gears for the operation of this type of transmission.

  • R represents the reverse gear. R is used in both manual and automatic vehicles.
  • N stands for neutral gear, which is also similar to N used in manual and automatic cars.
  • E is similar to the D in cars that is fully automatic.
  • M- functions as downshift gear. The gear changes in sequence from M1 to M5 or M6 if a car is equipped with a 6 gears.
  • M+ functions as up-shift gear. The gear changes in sequence from M6 or M5 to M1
  • Gear changes in MMT are more noticeable than the traditional automatic transmission. This is due to the manual gearbox unlike in automatic transmission that uses a torque converter.

    What are the characteristics of MMT transmission cars?

    On a leveled ground, the car creeps ahead when the brake pedal is slowly released. This is true even if the acceleration pedal is not depressed. However, when moving up on an inclined ground, the car backs off a little. To solve this problem, the handbrake must be applied and gently release after pushing down the accelerator pedal slowly. It is not advised to hang the car using the acceleration pedal as it can damage the clutch.

    During parking, the MMT transmission is not equipped with P as in automatic transmission. There are several ways to park your car depending on the situation. If a car is parked on an up-sloping ground, the driver must shift to M1 or E and pull the handbrake before switching the engine off. On a down-sloping ground, shift the gear to R, apply handbrake then turn off the engine. On level surface, put the gear on R, apply handbrake then switch off engine.

    When moving off from parking, be sure to shift the gear on N or neutral gear. Switch the car to ON position to release the gear lock. Apply the brakes using the pedal then start the engine.

    When operating under the E mode, it is like or similar to the operation of D mode in automatic transmission. The onboard computer and electronic clutch control the shifting of the gears. The car will shift automatically based on the gradient and speed information.

    Under the M mode, the driver shifts the gear manually using M- and M+ in a sequential manner. It is similar to the shifting of manual transmission. The only difference is MMT transmission uses electronic clutch unlike the manual clutch in the traditional manual transmission. The driver will be informed on what gear the car is driving through a display on the dashboard. In M mode, the gear is  automatically shift back to M1 when the car stops in a complete halt.

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