What is MMR vaccine?

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MMR vaccine is the vaccine for measles, mumps and rubella. These three diseases are serious and can be life threatening.

The MMR vaccine has live viruses of the three illnesses, but they are weak viruses only. The MMR vaccine shot will cause a harmless infection and there are usually no symptoms for the recipient of the shot.

The body learns to fight all three diseases with the vaccination and the recipient of the shot is unlikely to develop any of the three diseases.

Who should get the MMR vaccine?

Both adults and infants can get this vaccine. In fact, it is recommended for babies. In the US, most states require that each baby get the MMR shot before starting school.

Kids are required to take two doses of the MMR vaccine. The first shot should be done when the child is 12 to 15 months old and the second shot should be done when the kid is four to six years of age.

Some health care providers also recommend that kids receive the MMR vaccine along with the shots for chickenpox.

Adults who were born after the year 1956 should also get the vaccine if they have never received an MMR shot before or if they do not recall getting this vaccination. Adults who have never suffered any of the three diseases should also get the MMR vaccine.

Individuals born before or on 1956 are safe from the three diseases as they most likely already had them when they were younger.

The MMR vaccine is not for everyone. For example, those who have already a shot and are allergic from it should not get another dose. In addition, persons who are allergic to antibiotic neomycin should not take this vaccination since it contains a small amount of neomycin.

Those who are pregnant or planning to get pregnant, have weak immune system and are suffering from some illness that is more severe than colds and fever should not take a shot of MMR.

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