What is MMORPG?

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What is MMORPG?
MMORPG stands for “massive multiplayer online role playing game” and it is basically an online video game that can be played by multiple players. From the term “massive multiplayer”, this type of online video game can accommodate hundreds of thousands or even up to a million gamers or subscribers from any part of the world. This simply means that all players subscribed to a particular MMORPG may play this game simultaneously. All these players can also interact with each other regardless of where they located in the entire planet.

The basic concept of MMORPG involves a virtual gaming environment where players from different parts of the world can play with or against each other. From the term “role playing”, each player assumes some form of virtual character in a particular game. In some games, some players may choose to become the bad guys and wreak havoc on a virtual city. Others may also choose to become the soldiers or the police who are supposed to be in-charge of keeping and/or restoring peace and order in a particular virtual city. Some games also require the direction and administration of some sort of game master or moderator to monitor player activities. These game moderators may be volunteer players themselves or may be specifically hired by the game’s publisher.

Another good thing about MMORPGs is that the virtual character that a player chooses may be developed over time. In some games, additional skills and powers will be acquired as the character is able to accomplish tasks and duties. Other virtual characters will also have the chance to improve on their own skills and capabilities by seeking help from the other players of the game. Most MMORPGs also feature virtual worlds and gaming scenarios that continue to evolve 24/7 even when a particular player stops playing. This makes the game so dynamic and ever-changing which explains its wide popularity among gamers around the world.

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