What is MLLN circuit?

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What is MLLN circuit?

MLLN circuit refers to a system involving a Managed Leased Line Network.  As its name suggests, this particular circuit runs on leased line rather than on a dial-up service.  In the field of telecommunications for example, individuals or companies that employ MLLN circuits have a designated line for their data transfer needs. These needs may be in the form of audio, video, or basic data and the transfer from one point to another passes through a managed and leased line to ensure speed and efficiency.  The basic feature of MLLN circuits is that the line for communication is specific to an individual or organization and not shared with other people.  This will then translate to faster data transmission and a more efficient telecommunications line.

MLLN circuits or network configurations allow for easy bandwidth management because the telecommunications line is literally leased and exclusive to the individual or company.  With this feature, allocation of bandwidth for existing resources is made easy.  At any given time, when data transfer is the task requiring bandwidth then it will be given priority in the MLLN circuit. Other signals such as audio and video transfer will only be activated once they are needed.  This system provided by MLLN circuits basically improves network efficiency and reduces possible downtime that may occur during data transfers.  All these features will mean that network resources are used up efficiently by the elements that need them.

Another great thing about MLLN circuits is that they make organizations more pro-active.  In the case of customer service concerns, various organizations will be able to act on specific concerns before any complaint is made.  This is made possible by the features provided by MLLN circuits including bandwidth management, alternate or back-up transmission routing, and self-repair tools.  MLLN circuits also provide reports about network performance which is essential in providing efficiency to the business and good service to existing customers.

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