What is MLK license?

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MLK license refers to a type of software license that is considered as “media less”. In the world of Windows software like operating systems and Office software, the licenses associated with them are labelled with different things including OEM and MLK for example. When a particular software licenses is labelled with MLK, it simply means that the program does not literally come with a “media” or a CD/DVD installer. Microsoft Windows or Office license kits with the MLK tag are typically found on devices and computers that are brand new. Most of the time, if the license is MLK, then this particular license may only be used for one brand new computer. MLK kits typically limit the use of the license for a single and brand new computer only. For people who need to install the same type of software to multiple computers a different type of license must be purchased.

Microsoft programs are bought with corresponding licenses and these licenses basically serve as a contract that indicates the uses and restrictions of a particular software product. FPP-labelled licenses for example are those that can be installed and transferred to other computers instead of being restricted to only one unit. There are also licenses that are tagged as OEM versions. Licenses with OEM labels also come with no media and are usually pre-installed on computers and devices. There are also instances wherein one may need to get the corresponding CD installer to activate the OEM license. In the case of the media-less license kit or MLK, there are also some restrictions that apply. With the MLK licenses designed for installation on new products only, it must be used and installed within 90 days from the time of purchase of the computer hardware. This particular restriction basically requires people to buy new hardware and use the corresponding software license in just a matter of three months. MLK licenses are also typically offered on Microsoft products that are geared towards students and professionals.

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