What is MLA format?

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MLA format refers to the writing style guide or format designed by the Modern Language Association of America. The MLA format is adopted by various organizations in the US, Canada, and many other countries particularly in the fields of research, literature, culture, and theology among others. The same writing style and format is also adopted in educational institutions located in Brazil, Japan, and many parts of Asia. The MLA format is considered a widely accepted academic style of writing essays and research papers for various subjects and topics. Through specific rules and guidelines, the MLA format is considered a good format or style for research and documentation.

Many schools and other organizations adopt the MLA format for research papers and other documentation work for topics especially related to literature, history, culture, and even theology. The best feature of the MLA format is that the writing guidelines are made very simple and concise compared to other writing styles and formats. The same format is also applicable when writing articles for research or items for newsletters in schools for examples. The MLA format may also be applied to writing press releases, literary journals, and even magazine write-ups and posts.

In the field of writing and documentation, following certain conventions is a must especially in the academic field. Students are taught with several styles and layouts including the writing format provided by MLA. With the MLA format, writing and documentation is taught to students with specific techniques and guidelines. These guidelines involve the arrangement of pages, indentations between different paragraphs, proper use of abbreviations, and the right way to quote references. Specific details on how to indicate the names of authors and where to put them in the article are basic guidelines included in the MLA format. Even the contents of an article cover page or the spacing between sentences are items to consider when writing a piece using the MLA format.

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