What is MKV Extension?

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What is MKV Extension?
MKV Extension refers to a file extension for the Matroska Multimedia Container. For its video (with audio) files, the actual file is given the ‘.MKV” extension. It is a file format similar to other media containers like MP4, AVI, and ASF among others. The main difference is that MKV is an open, standard, and free container file format. This file format or extension is developed to become a universal file container for various media file types including those from the movies and television shows. Being a universal container, MKV is capable of holding multiple types of formats in a single file. Whether it’s an audio file, video file, image file, or track subtitles, files with the MKV extension can hold and store them in a single file only.

MKV file extensions are the popular choice in anime fun-subbing. In this particular online community, users are able to create subtitles to their favorite anime creations and series. So with multiple audio files and subtitle tracks, users will be able to save them in one file using the MKV format. Not only is MKV valuable in terms of being able to hold multiple file formats at the same time in a single file, it also supports several subtitling formats making it very useful and flexible. Supported subtitle formats include SSA, SRT, and USF text. MKV also has great support for VobSub streams direct from the DVD.

Files with MKV extensions have wide support among the numerous multi-media players available in the market. Whether the user has Windows installed on his/her computer or Mac OS X, MKV files may be opened by a variety of other programs and players. These players include DivX Player, MPlayer, Apple QuickTime Player, Cyberlink PowerDVD, Nero MultiMedia Player, Media Player Classic, Winamp, and Matroska Splitter among others. MKV files may even be played on Palm devices and other mobile internet devices. Those on Linux OS may also open MKV files using Video LAN VLC Media Player.

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