What is MJI?

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MJI refers to the Michigan Jewish Institute, a Jewish-sponsored school located in the Metropolitan Detroit area of Michigan.  This institute offers Jewish-based teachings for its tertiary and/or bachelors degree programs.  Founded in 1994 by the Metropolitan Detroit Jewish community, the MJI offers college courses that are specifically designed for those who wish to have bachelor’s degree and pursue advancement in the fields of Judaic-based education and/or leadership.

All college or baccalaureate degree programs offered by MJI combine the basics of arts and sciences with Jewish teachings and philosophy.  A typical stint at this respected institute starts with the initial offerings of subjects related to liberal arts and humanities among others. There are also various courses and degrees in the fields of business and commerce, computers and technology, and even cooperative computing.  College students will be earning their degrees along with the appreciation of Jewish culture and philosophy.  This is due to the school’s pro-active teachings in terms of student involvement with the activities of Detroit’s Jewish community.  For those who want to proceed with higher education or advanced studies relating to Jewish leadership for example, MJI also offers graduate programs in various fields.  All curriculums or courses offered by the Michigan Jewish Institute are said to be carefully planned and selected to be relevant to the needs of the community.

As an institute for baccalaureate degrees and higher learning, MJI boasts itself of having been given accreditation by the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools back in 1997 which is only about three years after its founding.  Students who graduate from the institute are not only given assistance in terms of employment opportunities in the US but also in terms of preparing them for possible higher education or employment in other countries as well.  All important segments of Jewish-based education are also considered in all the courses that the institute offers.

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