What is MJAA?

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What is MJAA?

‘MJAA’ refers to the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.  It is an organization that started in 1915 as the Hebrew Christian Alliance of America.  Back then, most members of the organization were Jewish women who became Christians when they came to the United States.  During prayer meetings these women would help each other with their spiritual needs.  Part of the teachings was to continue to preserve the Jewish faith and help other Jews who may be in need.  Although there were only a few Jewish people living in the U.S. at the time, the organization eventually grew over the years with new members.

Members of the MJAA aim to restore the Holy Land of Israel literally and spiritually as mentioned in the Bible.  It is said that members of the organization are each tasked with helping contribute in achieving the main goal through engaging in the church’s or organization’s activities and helping Jews all throughout the world through kindness and support.  Part of the Messianic Jewish Movement is to promote Jesus as the true Messiah of Israel. This belief has led to some confusion among Christians and Jews because both denominations accept Jesus as the central figure of faith.  With centuries of different interpretations to Biblical law, members of the MJAA aim to achieve ‘restoration’ of the Jewish faith and the whole of Israel.

Aside from the organization’s worship activities, the MJAA is also involved with various charitable projects for Jewish people around the world through ROI, or Restoration of Israel, its charity organization.  Based on the teachings from the Bible, Jewish people are taught to be kind and serve others to show their love for one another.  With this humanitarian unit, the MJAA was able to reach out to people who have various needs particularly in countries like Ethiopia, various areas in Europe and the U.S., and, of course, in Israel.

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