What is Mimosa?

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What is Mimosa?
Mimosa is a drink that is created by mixing orange juice with champagne. It is a popular cocktail-like drink served in hotels and airplanes. It is said that only the affluent are served this drink during brunches and other formal occasions. Various recipes actually claim to be the “perfect” Mimosa drink with some suggesting three parts champagne and one part orange juice. Others prefer a standard ratio of one part orange juice and one part champagne. There are also instances that people use sparkling wine instead of champagne.

Mimosa is the term used in the US for drinks that contain orange juice and champagne. But in the UK, a similar drink exists and this is called “Buck’s Fizz”. This drink in the UK was said to be introduced back in 1921 with some people adding grenadine to the mixture. A few years later, the “Mimosa” term for this kind of drink came about in Paris Ritz. The name of the drink was supposedly inspired by the yellow flowers of the mimosa plant. The mimosa flowers were said to look “frothy” and so was used as the name of the popular drink.

Typical Mimosa drink is served chilled, much like standard champagnes. There are also bartenders that serve this drink with ice. Not many people are fond with putting ice on the drink though since it will affect the rich taste of the drink. But no matter what the preference of people are, the Mimosa drink continues to become popular in formal dinners and other special occasions. Some hotels and restaurants are even serving non-alcoholic versions of the Mimosa drink, using sparkling water mixed with orange juice instead of the traditional champagne and the alternative sparkling wine. But for those who want to stick with the traditional Mimosa recipe, moderation is advised to avoid the ill-effects of alcohol in the body.

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