What is milk made of?

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Milk is a food source that comes from the mammary glands of animals including humans. Many newborn babies are typically fed by their mothers through their breast milk. For those who can’t produce enough milk on their mammary glands, some mothers use the milk of other animals for their baby’s nutritional needs. In the same way, animals also feed their babies with their own milk. Milk is generally referred to as a liquid drink because most of its components is water. About 85-90% of milk is actually made of water. The rest is a combination of various fats and so-called non-fat solids. These other components of milk make some people see milk as an oil and water emulsion. There are even cases that some of these solid components are obvious and create some texture to the liquid component.

Milk from animals and humans is mainly made of water. This basically makes babies or offspring able to drink it from their mother’s breasts or mammary glands. Milk fats are also major components of milk and so are some solids like sugar and protein. As a food item, milk is considered to be a good source of protein. About 80% of the protein component in milk is casein proteins and the remaining 20% are whey proteins. Both whey and casein proteins are essential for the body’s muscular and skeletal development. Some other components of these proteins also help provide a boost the body’s immune system.

Aside from water, fats, and proteins, milk is also made of a variety of non-fat solids and nutrients including sugar, and minerals like calcium, iron, sodium, magnesium, and zinc among many others. These nutrients make milk a great source of these healthy minerals and nutrients that is essential for various cellular processes in the body. For cows that eat grass that is highly exposed to fungicides and herbicides, some of their components may also become part of whole milk but in very minimal quantities.

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