What is Migas?

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Migas, also known as “migas al pastor” is a traditional Portuguese and Spanish cuisine commonly served during breakfast. Its recipe differs across different regions in Spain. In Extremadura, people make Migas by combining leftover bread soaked in water, olive oil, and garlic. Since people in Extremadura love spicy flavor, they add spicy flavoring made from dried chili pepper or paprika to the completed dish. Sometimes it comes with spinach and served with sizzling hot sautéed pork ribs. In Aragon, it is made tastier by the addition of bacon and grapes as complimentary side dish. It is characterized by its crumbly character and fluffy texture. A perfect color of Migas is golden brown; however adding paprika changes its color to orange. It also comes in sweet and salty flavor.’

In Portugal, the bread in Migas is often substituted by potatoes. Instead of spinach, the residents would use wild asparagus and coriander as alternative, mixed with corn and red pepper paste. It can also be coalesced with rice or served as flattering accompaniment for meat lovers.

In Tex-Mex, Migas is made by a combination of eggs and salsa. The eggs are scrambled together with the skillet and cooked until golden brown. Unlike the traditional Migas in Spain, the Tex-Mex Migas comes with a sprinkle of avocado slices, making it a little bit sweet. Oftentimes, it is served with tortillas.

Migas is a Spanish word for “bread crumbs,” which started out as a meal for shepherds. It is a technique used by old Spanish families to recycle stale breads. Nowadays, Migas is served in different restaurants across Spain, more specifically in Mancha, Andalucía, and Murcia. With the advancement of home culinary and cookery, chefs have introduced improvements to Migas, thus enhancing its taste and presentation. Modern Migas can be very distinct when compared to the traditional Migas made by grandmothers or great-grandmas of family. Some other types of Migas are La Mancha, Murcia, Almeria, and Aragon.

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