What is MiFi

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What is MiFi

MiFi is a portable WiFi device developed by Novatel Wireless.  Being a portable device, users with Mifi will be able to connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere in the world.  The Mifi device acts like a wireless router and allows for mobile Internet connection. Whether one is traveling or going from one location to another, he/she will have an Internet connection.  The term ‘MiFi’ is actually short for ‘My WiFi’ referring to its portable aspect.

Having a Mifi device is very popular among teens, young adults, and professionals who frequently travel and want the convenience of having an Internet connection anywhere.  With Mifi, one doesn’t have to find a wireless spot from a specific location.  Instead, one’s own device serves as the Wifi hotspot making it very convenient and useful.  The Mifi portable device is compatible with existing 3G networks and works for up to about 10 meters in radius.  The best thing about Mifi is that it can be shared with up to five people.  This means that up to five people can access the Internet all at once.  This is especially great news for a small group of people who wants an Internet connection all at once.

Another great feature of Mifi is that it allows free Internet-based calls through a technology called VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol.  With a netbook or another mobile device, for example, one can call a friend for free by simply connecting to the Internet through Mifi.

Various other portable devices also work similarly to Novatel’s Mifi.  Some telecommunications operators call their devices by different names including; MyFi, pocket Wifi, or my pocket, among many other names.  It is also common for various telecom operators across the globe to have their own brand of Mifi-like devices.  Mifi devices today have also been upgraded to work with the latest 4G technology.  Some devices also offer new features including support for widgets and MicroSD cards.

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