What is .mht Files?

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What is .mht Files?
.mht is a file extension of MIME HTML, or in short, MHTML or sometimes referred as MHT. This is a format for webpage archive and is used for combining resources. These resources are usually represented by external links. This webpage archive is formatted using MIME HTML, which saves HTML to:
Flash Animations,
Java applets, and
Audio files.

Using the MIME type ‘multipart/related’, Contents of the MHTML file is encoded and treated just like an HTML e-mail message.

Generally, the first part of the file is encoded with HTML, the next succeeding parts are just additional resources that contain their original URLs and encoded with base64.

The .mht suffix is a given default when it is created using Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, and Opera. Most web pages viewed in a web browser only contain HTML and reference images and some media files that are stored in other directories in the server. In addition, since the files are encoded into a single file in a MHTML document, .mht files have been a common used file in archiving web pages.

The .mht files are created when you use the ‘Save’ functions of some web browsers. Not only browsers have this capability, Microsoft word can also create, save, and open all contents of the web pages including all its associated files. And since web pages that are plain HTML contains just texts of the pages with links to images and other media files, .mht files comes handy to archive web pages.

What are those browsers that can open or create these files?
Internet Explorer

Mainly, Internet Explorer is the only browser capable of creating and opening these files, but now there is an alternative like Opera.

How do we open .mht files?
In opening .mht files in Windows, the user must follow certain methods. These methods are as follows:
Click the ‘Start’ button at the left side of your computer.
Click ‘Programs’ or ‘All Programs’ and look for the Internet Explorer on the list.
Press the ‘Alt’ key of your keyboard if you do not find the file menu near the top of the window.
Select the ‘File’ menu and click ‘Open’, and select ‘Browse’.
Locate the .mht file on your hard drive using the file browser, click on it, and press ‘Open’. It should open in the Internet Explorer window.

To open it using Mac OS X or using Opera, Here are the methods:
Opera is currently the only browser that can open .mht files other than Internet Explorer. Mac OS X supports Opera but not Internet Explorer. If you do not have an Opera browser, download it.
Launch Opera.
Click the ‘File’ menu and choose ‘Open’.
Navigate the .mht file using the file browser. Click on it and select it. Then click the’Open’ button. The site should appear in the Opera window.

How to save .mht files?
To save .mht files, click the ‘Save As’ button in the’File’ menu. When asked about the file type, choose ‘Web Archive (single file)’

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