What is MGR?

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What is MGR?
MGR is short for “ManaGeR”, a graphics-based window system which was developed by Stephen Uhler back in 1984 while he was still connected with the company Bellcore. This original version of this windowing system was intended for the Sun 3 series of computers. Later on, many other people contributed and made enhancements to the MGR window system.

MGR is said to be machine and network independent. It also has asynchronous and overlapping windows with termcap-style terminal controlling functions. An MGR window can be controlled through mouse roll-overs on pop-up menus, through interaction with a keyboard, or by means of escape sequences that are written by client software on pseudo-terminals.

Since MGR is a graphical type of windowing system, it also features graphic primitives for circle and line drawing. It also allows for the manipulation of fonts, bitmap images, icons, and pop-op menu items. Users can also create commands to alter the shape, orientation, and position of the windows. It also features some notification capabilities since client programs may be notified when a change to a window system occurs. Through MGR, various client programs can also interact with each other by exchanging messages between them through a message relay facility.

Another great feature of MGR is that all its features and capabilities will work efficiently and smoothly regardless if the client program is running on a computer that is remotely connected to the network or if the same program runs on the same computer as the main network server. It also doesn’t matter if one user uses TCP/IP in connecting to the network server or just a dial-up modem. MGR will work just as effectively and smoothly because it is network independent.

Older versions of MGR are compatible with Macintosh, 3b1 Unix, 386 Minix, and the Xenix. Current versions are able to run efficiently on Linux based systems, Sun OS, and Sun 3/4 computers among others.

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