What is melanoma?

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Melanoma is a kind of skin cancer that is considered as the most dangerous type of skin cancer. Melanoma is characterized by the development of cancerous growth that when left unrepaired can cause damage to the cells of the skin.

Damage to the skin is often dues to the radiation of the ultraviolet rays from the sun or even tanning beds and causes the rapid multiplication of malignant tumors. Malignant tumors come from the melanocytes which are concerned with the production of pigments in the epidermis.

Melanoma explained

Melanomas often look like moles and in fact it can develop from moles. Most of the melanomas are in color brown or black, but they can also be in red, pink, white, blue or purple.

The main cause of melanoma is over exposure to UV rays which often results in getting sun burned. In the United States, around 9,710 deaths are dues to melanoma.

Melanoma is curable as long as it is diagnosed and treated immediately. If left untreated, and then it can cause the cancer to progress and then to spread in the body to other parts that are harder to treat. It can cause the death of a person when melanoma is widespread in the body and has affected areas that are very challenging to treat.

Melanoma is not considered as one of the most common causes of skin cancer, but it is the most common cause of death for those with skin cancer. In the US, around 120,000 cases of melanoma are reported every year.

Melanoma symptoms

Moles, growths on the skin, as well as dark spots, are typically harmless, but they can also be melanoma. Individuals who have more than 100 moles in their body are more prone to develop melanoma.

A person who has melanoma might experience the surfacing of one or two moles that look alike. It is, therefore, essential for everyone to familiarize themselves with their bodies and take note of the changes or appearances of new moles.

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