What is MDN?

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What is MDN?
MDN stands for Mobile Directory Number. It is the actual number assigned by a network to a mobile phone or device. When somebody wants to reach a particular mobile phone, he/she will be dialing the phone’s MDN or mobile directory number.

In the past the MDN is the same as the MIN or mobile identification number. The MIN is composed of 10 digits and this is provided by telecommunications operators and wireless providers to basically identify a mobile device. Under TIA standards for mobile phone and Personal Communication Services technologies, the MIN is used as part of the user/device authentication process. The mobile device’s MIN may also change as mobile phone users may transfer from one area of coverage to another. It is also common for users to swap mobile phones and thus requires the changing of the MIN with another service specification.

But aside from being the actual number to be called when a person wants to reach or contact a specific mobile phone or device, the MDN may also serve as the user’s login name in online transactions for some wireless providers and telecommunications operators. So as not to require users to go through a tedious registration process to access the network’s online services, some operators automatically assign the mobile device’s Mobile Directory Number as the username or login name. In this case, the mobile phone user will just need to key in his/her password to provide authentication for the online service. In today’s fast-paced society, many of people’s errands and activities are done online and this involves the use of mobile phones and other wireless internet devices. And to ensure that existing mobile phone users are served well with their online needs, many wireless operators offer a variety of online services and applications for all its mobile users and subscribers. Using the MDN is a safe and effective way in enticing the network’s subscribers in doing online activities.

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