What is MDF extension?

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MDF extensions refer to file extensions that are associated with the database files of SQL servers.  MDF stands for Main Database File and uses the MDF extension for files that contain the main database of an SQL server like the one used under the Microsoft environment.  Under the Microsoft SQL server, MDF files typically contain the so-called schema and all data.  Logs meanwhile are stored in files that contain the LDL extension. For database that is classified as secondary, they may be differentiated from primary MDF files through the NDF file extension.

SQL servers work through SQL or Structured Query Language, a type of programming language that can easily manage multiple database systems through relational methods.  Using SQL database systems allow for data insertion, updating, and deletion along with various other functions including query, schema creation, modification, and the all-important data access control.  Under the Microsoft environment, database files that are stored on SQL servers have MDF file extensions.

Under the SQL server, files that have the MDF extension are the most important files in the sense that they contain all the data.  The main function of database servers like SQL servers is to allow for various computers and computer programs to have some sort of a database control center provided by the server.  Instead of having to store MDF or database files in several local computers, these same terminal may be connected to one computer server that will accommodate all their database management needs.  The central computer will then need a program through SQL in order to help manage database files such as those with MDF extensions. Access to these database files with MDF extensions may be done through the server back-end computer itself or through a front-end or end-user program. This same access may also be limited or restricted to certain users in the network.

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