What is MBX file extension?

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MBX file extensions are used by files that belong to email clients and programs like Microsoft’s own Outlook Express and other emailing systems like Eudora for example.  With these email applications, many files will be given the .MBX file extension.  In some cases, even the file folders themselves have the .MBX file extension.  When a particular user for example creates different folders and subfolders to organize his/her email application, each of these folders will also have their corresponding .MBX file extension.  Many files inside these folders could also contain .MBX files.

The use of .MBX file extensions is one way for people to identify which files or folders need to be searched whenever the need arises.  By simply looking at the files inside a specific folder, users may know that these files belong to the email application or service in use.  In the case of Outlook Express for example, several files with .MBX file extension will be contained in different folders.  These files may be stored in separate folders like Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, and other personal folders like Miscellaneous, Personal, or Office for example.  Other email clients and applications may also have the same naming conventions with many files associated with it having the .MBX file extension.

Files that have the .MBX file extensions are also often referred to as database files. This is mainly because these files actually contain all data associated with the email service or application.  In the case of email contacts for example, the data folder containing several information details will also have several MBX files inside them.  These files become the storage database for all contact or email details contained in the email program.  Other files with .MBX file extension will also correspond to their specific database or storage of relevant information.  A file labelled as SentItems.MBX for example will be the main file for storing information regarding all email messages that were already sent by users.  The good thing about many email clients and applications is that the files or folders with .MBX extensions will have names that correspond to their actual content.

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