What is MBF?

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What is MBF?
MBF refers to the Musicians’ Benevolent Fund, a charitable organization in the UK involved with giving support to musicians and others workers in the entire music industry, whether active or retired. The idea of helping out musicians came about in 1921 after the death of a popular tenor named Gervase Elwes. The MBF benefits musicians and their dependents especially in times of crisis, like when they get involved in accidents or acquire illnesses that limit or stop them from continuing with their jobs and careers.

The MBF also helps young music professionals and even students to guide them achieve their best potential in the music industry. They also have specific programs for students with disabilities to help them cope with their needs and continue developing their talent for music. Awards and grants are given to those with exceptional talent to continue or support their studies.

Those who are inactive in the music scene or those who already retired are given help by means of emotional support and or financial advice. Even the dependents and family members will get some form of support too from the MBF. For active musicians and professionals, they too will benefit from the fund if an accident or illness will make them unable to continue their career in music. Their partners and dependents will also be given support financially and emotionally. Grants are also given to musicians who have had at least 5 years of their life dedicated to their music career. They are given financial support for further professional development.

The Musicians’ Benevolent Fund also provides for the health concerns of those working in the music industry. Health assessment clinics are available for those who want to have access to medical care in relation to their chosen profession. Through a partnership with the British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, musicians will also have updates on health issues and concerns relating to performers.

The MBF covers the whole of UK and the Republic of Ireland. Based on its own records, the fund is able to help more than 1000 people each year with about 2 million pounds in grants and sponsorships.

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