What is MBC Music Core?

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MBC Music Core refers to a popular TV program in South Korea. Broadcast by MBC, Music Core or also called as Show! Music Core features various live performances of popular music artists in South Korea. MBC or Munwha Broadcasting Corporation is the oldest and one of south Korea’s biggest TV and radio network. Many of its shows are popular not only in Korea but also in the US. One of MBC’s most popular shows is Music Core as it features the hottest acts in Korean pop music and culture.

Music Core the music television program had its first show back in October of 2005. The main format of the show was to feature music charts and awarding weekly winners of the most popular and most liked songs based on votes and sales. With this kind of format, Music Core has attracted many viewers in South Korea especially those that are so-called part of Korean pop culture. By 2006, the music charts were removed from the show and what remained were live performances from the biggest Korean music artists. At present though, MBC has decided to bring back the charts format starting with their April 20, 2013 episode. The latest music chart is based on a new system involving actual album sales plus online and viewer voting.

The return of the music charts on MBC’s Music Core has proven to be a great hit among Korean fans. This is mainly because artists that get into the top will also get spots in in the show in terms of live performances. The controversial voting system that first aired on April 20 made the show even more popular because of a mix-up during the announcement of the music chart winner. Despite the initial misstep, MBC Music Core has grown to become one of Korea’s best-known musical extravaganzas.

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