What is Maven?

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What is Maven?
Maven, also called Apache Maven, is a software for project management and comprehension. Based on the POM or project object model concept, Maven is helpful in the management of builds, dependencies, documentation, releases, reporting, SCMs, and distribution.

The word “maven” is Yiddish and means “accumulator of knowledge”. Starting out as part of the Jakarta Turbine project, Maven was used with the purpose of simplifying its build processes. Several projects back then had different build files (Ant), and the people from Apache wanted to standardize procedures so ideas or features are easily shared among existing projects. Standardization could also mean that time and effort is not wasted in trying to understand each project concept independently. This eventually led to the development of the “archetype” mechanism, which refers to some sort of template or model from which all other similar things are created. These archetypes became the building blocks in starting out a new project.

Maven as a tool is packed with so many features. It has a simple project setup wherein new developers can easily join in an existing project. It also allows work on multiple projects simultaneously with little configuration needed for new features. Maven also has a large repository of libraries and metadata and it has the ability to write Java plug-ins easily. In terms of dependencies, Maven is a great help in building and testing codes. It can also help in building websites packed with useful reports. With little setup and configuration, Maven can integrate with source control systems and is able to release projects based on a particular tag. Publishing projects is made easy also, for ease of access by other developers in other projects.

Overall, Maven’s objectives are to make the build process easy for everyone, to provide uniformity and quality project information, present best practices guidelines, and to allow transparency in terms of updating or migrating to new features.

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