What is Maturity?

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What is Maturity?
In psychology, maturity refers to the stage by which a person learns the essential values in life. However, there is no such thing as a monopoly of maturity. This means that if a person is mature in one aspect, immediately he is considered a matured individual. There are different aspects of maturity and each one has to strive in order to reach maturity in different aspects- be it in school, community, church, or even persona life.

The maturity of a certain individual has to go through a process. As a child, one is not expected to be matured immediately in aspects such as love or family. He is not even expected to be financially mature. In fact, even older people are not expected to be matured right away. The process can be long for others, and is really subjective. No one is forced to mature right away. Basically, if a person is forced to mature in one aspect, the other aspects might be affected. Say for instance a child is forced to be mature in terms of handling the family and in career. This child might learn this right away, but his social life might be affected. Even the way he talks to other people and his attitude towards them might also be affected.

Even if there is no such thing as a common point for maturity in every individual, there is such thing as social expectations. The society will expect a person at this age to do things in accordance to his or her age. The individual will also have expectations towards the level of maturity of the people surrounding him or her. Yet, all these can only be placed as expectations. Every individual is unique. Thus, there is no point in saying that we should all mature in one aspect at this age. Everything is a process and every experience can contribute to this maturity.

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