What is Martial Arts?

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What is Martial Arts?

Martial arts usually refer to any type of fighting technique. Literally, it means arts of war or fighting arts. The term also refers to all training systems for combat. There are many forms, types or systems of martial arts. However, all of these martial arts systems have one purpose, which is to defend oneself against threats and to defeat opponents physically. The word martial is derived from the name Mars, who was the Roman God of war.

From the earliest days of ancient people, men engaged in different types of fighting. Men engaged in wars, hunting and fighting. Every civilization had their men experience different types of fighting. It is by this reason that different types of martial arts were born and developed. However, many people believe that martial arts originated in Asia. It is believed that India and China popularized martial arts.

When people talk about martial arts they often stress hand and foot combat. Most forms of martial arts use bare hands and foot for striking and defending against opponents. However, also other forms make use of weapons such as swords, katana, etc. On the other hand, mental discipline is also part of most martial arts.

Martial arts is not just a form of art but also a science as well. There are many popular martial arts. Some of the most popular are Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, Judo, Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, and Judo. Today, mixed martial arts is getting a widespread popularity across the globe. Mixed martial arts or more popularly known as MMA, refer to combining different martial arts technique. Today, Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) headed by Dana White promoted and made MMA a very popular form of martial arts.

Today, martial arts concepts are being used in modern military training. Soldiers learn hand-to-hand combat techniques from different martial arts system. Military also makes use of martial arts as way of mentally disciplining soldiers. In point shooting, concepts of martial arts play an important role. This help soldiers effectively utilize the use of firearms in awkward situations. This has no difference on how swordsmen master their hand movement when striking a sword.

Same with the military ranks, martial arts practitioners have also ranks to follow. In example, a black belt rank is the highest rank given to Karate practitioners. However, before a practitioner get to a higher rank, students have to pass several tests and competitions.

The use of martial arts was mainly focused on offense and defense against any opponent. Today, martial arts are now being learned not for combat but for other purposes. Martial arts had evolved as a sport. Nowadays, the art of fighting is not just use for combat but used as a form of physical fitness. The moves taught in different arts of fighting helps develop strength, flexibility and stamina.

Martial arts have been used now as a fun way of exercising not just the body but as well as the mind. Self-discipline, self-control, determination and concentration are all part of learning any form of martial arts. This way, practitioners develop not just a sound health but also a sound mind.

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