What is Makeup Primer?

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What is Makeup Primer?
Makeup has over the centuries been used by women to enhance their natural beauty. Though this was the traditional application, more recent times have seen a growing number of men who are also using the products. Whether by men or women, the use of makeup requires certain skills and finesse in order to achieve the desired results. Poorly done makeup is worse than no makeup at all. It can be very unsightly to have makeup that badly done as it has the opposite effect to enhancing beauty. The first and most important thing when using makeup is to know what each product is used for and the best way to use and apply it. With many confusing and almost similar products it is important that you know how and where to use each.

Makeup primer is a product that is formulated to prepare the skin for application of makeup. There are a number of benefits that are can be gained from the proper use of makeup primer. It provides a foundation that ensures a smooth and longer lasting appearance when the makeup is applied. Makeup primer also provides protection for the skin from absorbing some of the elements that are found in different types of makeup. As the primer does all these different things, it also helps the makeup last longer. People who have extreme skins such as very oily or very dry skins find that makeup primer will help them in different ways. It helps oily skin by absorbing the excess oil and preventing a shiny appearance as well as nourishing dry skin.

Most makeup primers are available in liquid form though there are several other types that are available. You can also get makeup primer in various tints that match the complexion of your skin or get the transparent kind. This makes it especially useful for hiding scars and disguising flawed skin. Those with an inconsistent skin tone find that makeup primer helps in evening their skin. Other benefits of using makeup primer include moisturizing and hydrating skin, filling in lines and wrinkles, allowing skin to breath among many other benefits. Some types of makeup primers also offer protection from UV rays as they have sunscreen in them.

It is important to establish the ingredients used in the makeup primer so as to ensure there is nothing in it that you may be allergic to. Individuals with skin conditions should also avoid using makeup primer and other types of makeup and cosmetics. However, for those who can use makeup primer it is important that you ensure your face is thoroughly clean before applying the primer. The primer should be applied to the skin after applying moisturizer and it should be allowed to dry before applying foundation. It is also important to thoroughly clean off any makeup at the end of the day. This gives the skin time to breathe and cleanse through its pores. These are some of the benefits of makeup primer that have made it an important part of any beauty regiment.

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