What is Major Depression?

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What is Major Depression?
MDD stands for Major Depressive Disorder. It is also known under the name unipolar disorder. It affects the mind and the body alike. It may be also defined as a condition which lacks emotional well being. It can affect the personal life as well as professional life of a person. Feelings of hopelessness, sadness and guilt rule the person. The patients may develop suicidal thoughts. They find it very difficult to sleep at night. In some cases the disorder may last for a life time.

Treatment for depression is carried out in a series of steps .Antidepressant medication is being given to the patients. Hospitalization is required in some cases. CBT or Cognitive behavioral therapy aims at changing the outlook of the patient towards life. Depression result from low self esteem. CBT also teaches the patients to manage stress effectively. The inability to achieve goals can often lead to serious mental disorders. Electroconvulsive therapy or ECT is also in use. It is used only in chronic cases of disorder where antidepressants cannot produce the desired result. ECT can lead to permanent memory loss in the patient. Social isolation and poverty can also lead to mental disorder. Depression also gives rise to oversleeping or hypersomnia. Light therapy is also a treatment method. Helpful tips can also bring back the patient back to life.

Psychotherapists reeducate the patients and try to tech them to look at things from a positive angle. Thus it may be helpful for the patient to regain the self esteem. Psychotherapy may take about ten weeks. Bilateral and unilateral ECT makes use of electrodes to improve neurotransmission in the brain. Hospitalization is required in cases in which the patient develops suicidal thoughts .A depressed person may also suffer from persistent head aches and digestive problems. Alcohol consumption can also create mood disorders.

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