What is Made of Iron?

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What is Made of Iron?
Made of Iron is a heavy metal band from Germany. It was formed in 1999 and initially started playing cover songs from the iconic heavy metal band “Iron Maiden”. Obviously, band members were great fans of Iron Maiden and enjoyed playing songs of their music idol and main influence.

Current band members include vocalist J.P. Higgins, who used to be with another band called Capital Sin. Nicko Nokolaidis does the guitar strings. He also had previous band experience with God Among Mortals and Dark Creation. Also from Capital Sin is Clemens Mayer, Made of Iron’s bass player. Their drummer is a former Crosshead Deu member in the name of Holger Zimmerman.

By 2003 the Made of Iron band decided to make their own songs. With Sonic Age Records as their label, their self-titled “Made of Iron” debut album was released in 2004. Their first album contained 9 tracks namely: 1. Fight for the Cross.. Die For Jerusalem, 2. The Storm Just Began, 3. Made Of Iron, 4. The Alchemist, 5. Never Deny Your Fate, 6. Peace in Flames, 7. Time to Repent, 8. Gates to Purgatory, and 9. King of All Kings.

Based on album reviews, many acknowledge that it is pretty obvious that the band Iron Maiden is their major influence. Typical of Iron Maiden music, the album also features tracks with harmony leads along with twin solos. But the vocals are said to be a little rough, though many of the tracks were considered melodic. For some critics, this particular band wanted to sound exactly like the original Iron Maiden band with tracks having “hints” or “sounds” of other songs popularized by their idols.

Most reviews indicate that Made of Iron’s debut album may not please hardcore Iron Maiden fans. But the album is still considered worth a try for those heavy metal fans that are quite flexible with their music choices.

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