What is Lymphadenopathy?

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A person who is experiencing swelling in their lymph nodes is suffering from lymphadenopathy. The lymphodes are small body organs which is part of a person’s immune system. These small organs or lymph nodes are located in different areas of the human body. They are most prominent under arms, near the groin and in the neck.

A person may experience lymphadenopathy in different parts of their body.

Causes of lymphadenopathy

Swelling of the lymph nodes in most cases happens when a person has had a viral or bacterial infection. There are also other patients who suffer from this medical condition because of cancer, illnesses that affect or damages the supporting tissues and allergies to vaccine..

A person who is suffering from lymphadenopathy may experience extreme tiredness, skin rashes, red and painful lump under their skin, untraceable loss of weight, enlargement of the spleen and sweating at night and fever.

Doctors who are checking patients for lymphadenopathy will feel the lymph node to determine if they are swelling. Additional medical tests may also be given to patients who are suspected of lymphadenopathy.

These tests include chest x-ray, ultra-sound, blood test, magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, CT scan and even biopsy of the lymph nodes.

Treatment for lymphadenopathy

A patient who has a lymphadenopathy may not undergo treatment since the symptoms can also go away even without medication.

Doctors also opt to address the cause of the swelling of the lymph node and as such prescribe medication for cancer, infections and other reasons for the swelling.

An individual who has swollen lymph node, fever and lymph nodes that have red strokes and remain painful must go see a doctor.

Patients who are suffering from the bleeding of the lymph nodes or difficulty in swallowing and breathing due to the swelling must go see a doctor immediately.

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