What is Lying?

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What is Lying?
Lying is basically a means of deceiving someone by giving a statement that is false or untrue. People lie for a variety of reasons and in a variety of ways. Even children are able to lie at a very young age just to satisfy their own desires. These children are already exposed to an environment that involves bad habits and behaviors like lying to other people. When children see their parents or any other people around them lie or cheat, they will easily get the idea that lying is very easy to do and may even give some benefits to them. It is common that some parents unconsciously or consciously become models and examples to their children with regards to their standards on telling truthful stories to other people. What seems to adults as harmless lies may lead to the children believing that it’s alright to lie to other people.

As adults, people lie for different reasons. Even if people already know the consequences of their actions, many still continue to lie and go on with their lives as if nothing bad happened. Some people lie to avoid embarrassment or punishment. In the case of employees in a particular company, one person may be compelled to lie just to save face or even save his/her job. Others also lie to protect other people’s feelings. Like when someone asks for the opinion of another person regarding his/her looks, a person may be forced to lie in this instance for reasons that he/she would not want to hurt the other person. Some people also lie to avoid punishment. In the case of students who were tasked to do something at school and were unable to do so, they may have the tendency to lie and make up stories to justify their wrongdoing and avoid being scolded at or being punished.

No matter what the reason is, for most people lying is a bad thing to do. Every person would want to have relationships that are built on trust and respect rather than based on lies and pretensions. Besides, as many people would agree, one will feel much better telling the truth than misleading others with a lie.

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