What is Lyderm?

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What is Lyderm?

Lyderm is a brand of topical medication that is intended for the treatment of various skin ailments including some forms of dermatitis and eczema.  Its active ingredient is fluocinonide, and it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent.  Lyderm is typically prescribed when there is itching, redness, or any other skin discomfort.  Some skin disorders may also present with very dry skin that may cause skin flaking and crusting which adds further to the discomfort of patients.  In these cases, the use of Lyderm may soothe some of the symptoms and eventually treat the underlying skin disorder.

As a drug, Lyderm is considered a very potent drug and is classified as a corticosteroid.  Steroidal drugs are typically classified as second-generation drugs in terms of their potency.  And with their high potency, corticosteroids like Lyderm are only prescribed in very small amounts or quantities.  In the case of Lyderm, most are available in cream or gel form. And in order to be safe, patients with various skin disorders are often advised to only apply small amounts of the cream and at a limited period of time only.  All these are advised by dermatologists so patients may not experience any side effects.

Since Lyderm is a potent, anti-inflammatory drug, when it is prescribed to one person with a particular disorder, it may not necessarily apply to another person with the same skin condition.  For health and safety reasons, a doctor’s advice must be sought before commencing any treatment with Lyderm.  It is also important to note that people should not apply Lyderm cream or gel on infected parts of the skin.  There are also skin parts in the body that should not have Lyderm cream applied because of the high sensitivity in these areas.  These skin parts include: the groin area, the face, and also the armpits.  People should also take extra caution when undergoing Lyderm treatment, especially if they belong to sensitive groups like pregnant women, children, and nursing moms.

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