What is Lybrel?

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What is Lybrel?
Lybrel is an oral contraceptive or birth control pill manufactured by pharmaceutical company Pfizer Inc. Lybrel is a continuous use pill, and comes in a 28-day blister pack. The active ingredients in Lybriel are 90 micrograms of the hormone progestin (in the form of levonorgestrel) and 20 micrograms of estrogen (in the form of ethinyl estradiol). Lybriel is compositionally similar to most over the counter continuous pills such as Yaz and Diane.
Lybriel works by slowing the production of body hormones that naturally occurs in a woman’s body which prepares it for pregnancy, thus preventing ovulation. Lybriel is different from other birth control pills in that it doesn’t allow for a few days placebo period to accommodate a woman’s menstrual period. Lybriel can actually fully stop a woman’s period for up to 1 full year. In clinical studies, 90 percent of the women have reported having their regular menstrual period back three months after stopping the pills.
There has been some controversy about stopping a woman’s menstruation altogether through the use of Lybrel. However, it is said that there is no actual health advantages to having the monthly period when the woman goes on the pill, as it is simply the body’s way of adjusting to being taken off the hormones. According to some medical experts, the only practical reason for having a period while on the pill is to assure the woman that she is not pregnant. Still, many oppose the idea because it cannot be proven yet what the adverse effects will be in the long term.

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