What is LXI VXI ratings for cars?

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What is LXI VXI ratings for cars?

‘LXI’ and ‘VXI’ are names or ratings given to cars with different trims or models.  A certain car may have only one brand name, but it may be offered in different trims, models, or variants.  One common way of classifying or rating the car trim or model is through the use of the terms ‘LXI’ and ‘VXI.’

‘LXI’ is typically the rating or name given to the base models of cars that have gasoline engines.  Base models of a particular car brand are sold with the lowest price because it is packed with only basic features. These features may differ from one car brand or manufacturer to the other, but whatever car is given the ‘LXI’ rating, it is most probably the least expensive of all trims.  Basic models may come with standard fabric seats, non-alloy wheels, single airbag for the driver’s side only, basic audio and air-conditioning systems.

‘VXI,’ meanwhile, refers to the rating for full function models.  Some car brands use the term ‘sport’ or ‘super sport’ when using ‘VXI’ as the car rating.  For this particular rating, cars typically have better features than the standard or base models.  In terms of the safety airbags, for example, base models may only have it on the driver’s side, but VXI or sports car models may have a dual airbag system for both the driver and the front passenger. VXI car models may also come in 4WD or AWD variants with better cushioning in the seats, bigger and alloy wheels, and more gadgets, for example.

Aside from the ‘LXI’ and ‘VXI’ car rating, some car brands may also have the ‘ZXI’ rating.  This type of rating is usually reserved for luxury brands and cars with the best and most stylish features. For diesel variants also, they may be given the either the ‘LDI’ or ‘VDI’ rating with the ‘D’ indicating that the car involved has a diesel engine.

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