What is luon?

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What is luon?

Luon is a type of fabric that combines the durability of nylon and the flexibility of Lycra.  Good-quality luon fabric is said to be a mixture of about 85% nylon and 15% Lycra.  Although various luon-made products may be made with a different mixture, the general consensus is that this particular fabric should at least contain 80-90% nylon with 10-20% Lycra in order for it to provide comfort and durability.  With its associated strength and quality as a fabric, luon is commonly used in various sports or performance wear.  Many brands that cater to the active lifestyle have a variety of clothing items that are made from the luon fabric.

One great characteristic of luon fabric is that it is able to keep moisture away from the fabric itself and therefore protects the body from too much sweat.  With this quality, many clothing products that are designed and marketed towards performance activities are made with the luon fabric.  By keeping moisture away, luon also provides a very high level of comfort to the body.  Some people even liken luon fabric with wearing 100% cotton.

With the Lycra content in luon fabric, clothes made with this particular material can be stretched and conform to various shapes and sizes.  People also need not worry about the fabric’s durability because luon’s nylon content is able to keep it in shape.  There will be no worries about over-stretching the fibers in the cloth.  Another great thing about luon is that this fabric is also pre-shrunk.  This simply means that clothes made from this durable and flexible fabric will fit perfectly after several washes.  The perfect fit and flexibility it provides also makes it easy for active people wearing clothes made with luon.  By giving comfort and providing a feeling of softness despite its durability and stretch ability, many people prefer to buy clothing that is made with the luon fabric.

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