What is LTCM client?

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What is LTCM client?
LTCM is a freeware program published by Leader Technologies, Inc. which empowers users to choose which content from a particular company is received. This content may be updates and useful information for particular products. Instead of getting this information from emails, users may opt to activate the service that this program provides.

LTCM client is used by various companies to get feedback from their customers. It serves as a communication channel between a manufacturing company and the actual users of the product. Through this service, companies may give out updates and product information to clients. But the most important thing is that the users will decide if they want to receive any information from a particular company. Users may also customize the system according to their needs. And in cases where the receiving of content is already enabled, users can choose to stop them completely.

Most LTCM programs are installed on users computers as part of the general installation package of the product purchased. Like when a computer user buys a printer, he/she would install the printer drivers on his/her computer. During the installation process, the user is usually asked to include the LTCM service or application for installation along with the main printer.

If the application is enabled by the user, he/she has the option to choose certain types of content from the product manufacturer. Content may be basic news and announcements or it may also include technical support guidelines and tips. Some companies also offer software or product updates.

There are several product manufacturers that “participate” or offer the LTCM client service. For several products, it is up to the client to choose which product he/she wants to receive updates and information from. Clients can also stop or remove the LTCM client application if desired. A customer service hotline is set up by Leader Technologies Inc. to attend to client needs on this particular service.

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