What is LSBWatcher.exe?

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LSBWatcher.exe is an executable program associated with LightScribe technology created and developed by HP or the Hewlett-Packard Company.  Through LightScribe, the creation of CDs and DVDS now also come with instant labelling through laser technology.  Standard CDs and DVDs were typically labelled using direct printing and stickers.  With HP’s LightScribe recording technology, discs are burned or created along with their corresponding text or graphic labels using lasers. With this technology, the software behind LightScribe needs to be installed in a particular computer.  If this software is present, users may likely encounter LSBWatcher.exe especially during start-up.  This particular file basically loads itself during start-up and helps check if is needed by the LightScribe software.  Once LightScribe is opened or activated, LSBwatcher.exe will also be put to use and perform its function during the labelling of the optical discs. With infrared laser technology on LightScribe, this file helps in the etching process of labels onto compatible discs.  Considered to be the first in the optical recording industry, LightScribe provides a very efficient way of producing discs with its own laser-etched labels.

The only way for LSBWatcher.exe to run or get activated is if detects the use of LightScribe software or its corresponding discs in the CD or DVD drive. Once this file detects that the optical disc recording software is launched, it will instantly prepare to facilitate labelling of the CD or DVD.  While data is being burned onto a LightScribe CD or DVD, LSBWatcher.exe will also run to activate the laser-etching of the disc label.  This label could be in the form of text or pictures. Typically, the labelling involves the disc title with some graphics.  There are also instances wherein various text may also be etched onto the discs using the laser technology provided by LightScribe.  Monochromatic colors may be chosen when labelling CDs or DVDs with the help of the LSBWatcher.exe file.

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