What is LSAT?

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What is LSAT?
LSAT stands for Law School Admission Test and it is a standardized test for incoming law students of schools in the US and Canada. This test is administered by the LSAC or the Law School Admission Council four times in a given year.

LSAT is required by law schools to measure reading and reasoning skills by incoming students. The test lasts for a little more than 3 hours and is composed of 5 sections. These sections are Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, Experimental Section, and Writing Sample. The first 4 parts lasts for 35 minutes, while the last part or the essay part is given a 30 minute time allotment. After completing all the 5 sections of the test, an additional 25 minutes is given for review.

The first parts of the test involve multiple choice questions. Reading Comprehension questions pertain to how the test taker is able to understand passages similar to topics which he/she may encounter in law school. Analytical Reasoning meanwhile requires analysis of various topics and the relationships between items like the subject person, event, or things. The Logical Reason part involves questions to test the ability of the test-taker on reasoning, analogy, arguments, and principles. The experimental part of the test may involve either games, arguments, or more reading comprehension related items. The final part, which is the essay or writing sample, is not given a score by the LSAC. But these writing samples are forwarded to corresponding schools for their own review.

If one isn’t satisfied with his/her score on the first take of the test, he/she may opt to try and take the LSAT again. But a person is only allowed to take LSAT three times only in a span of 2 years. Test-takers have also the chance to cancel their LSAT scores immediately after the test or through a written note to LSAC within 5 days of taking the test.

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