What is LRF File?

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What is LRF File?
LRF file stands for Linker Response File which is a document file format popular with different file extensions. This is the extension which is referred to as a mobile eBook reading tool created and developed by Sony Portable Reader. LRF is also known with related file extensions such as .pbk, .plf, .ess, .pcf and .lrf extensions among others.

It is a binary format which is basically used in Sony PRS-500 Readers and Sony Librie. Although it is not quite documented, you could still find limited information about the start of the format from some resources in the internet. It is a format which could be understood and decoded through using the python code of lrf2lrs. These are useful utilities for the extraction of objects from the said files.

LRF File is also composed of images or texts, where the shown images are also usable by homemade programs through LRF pictures created through simple implementation. To know more about this file format or extension, it is best to know what programs are used for reading and understanding the format. For Mac OS users, the available programs for the files include Sony Reader Library and Calibre. Windows OS users have a much wider variety of programs to choose from. This includes the Sony Reader Library, BookDesigner, Calibre, Canon Book Creator and Makelrf. Linux operating system could decode LRF files through Calibre.

The format is easily understood through the Book Creator Commercial program developed by Canon. This was introduced in June of 2004 in yahoo Librie group. The program basically has the Japanese interface. With its introduction for the eBook reading device, the creation and development of homemade contents for LRF file was likewise initialized. Scythic also developed the Makelrf program in October 2004 to allow creation of LRF file extension from text formats with compatible images.

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