What is LPN?

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What is LPN?
LPN or Licensed Practical Nurse is a professional under the nursing occupation. LPN performs a wide variety of jobs under the direction of a RN or registered nurse or a doctor. In some other locations, LPNs are also called as LVNs or Licensed Vocation Nurses. LPNs are health care community members that offer a variety of beneficial services in a wide range of settings. LPNs provide services on hospitals, private homes and facilities for residential care.

There are important requirements to become licensed practical nurse. One or two years of vocational training are necessary. On the other hand, an individual aspiring to be LPN may also take up specialization in other medical fields such as obstetrics or oncology. LPNs can give their nursing services to such particular medical fields.

Typically, nursing schools and some vocational schools offer programs for those aspiring to be LPNs. These institutions also provide practical trainings to aspiring students. Generally, students aim to get a good background in biology during their early years of study. Training to learn some foreign language is also an advantage as it can help LPNs work in mixed population areas.

LPNs provide a wide range of special care to patients. Some of the routine tasks of LPNs are the following:

  • Gives assistance to bathing patients
  • Assists patients when using the bathroom
  • Assists patients when going to physical therapy
  • Monitor patients and records any changes in their condition
  • Collect samples such as blood from patients for testing
  • Cleaning of wounds and change dressings
  • Administration of intravenous drips
  • Performs other related tasks under the doctor’s supervision

On the other hand, LPNs are not allowed to do complicated tasks such as induction of anesthesia and surgery. Such duties are only performed by licensed anesthesiologist and surgeons, respectively. However, LPNs can be part of such complex medical tasks. They are the busy persons in the hospital and perform various duties in different wards. The main task of LPNs is to ensure that patients are given proper medical care and attention.

LPNs are trained to care for medical patients. They can be of service to medical clinics and are allowed to contribute their knowledge to community information classes. LPNs are also permitted to create a nursing plan for a particular patient.

In the past few years, there had been nursing shortages experienced around the world. This is why it is quite advantageous for LPN holding specialized trainings. Employment potential for LPNs is high. In fact, quite a large number of qualified LPNs from the Philippines are providing their services to virtually every part of the world. LPNs can choose or prefer the type of work environment he or she may be involved. There are some LPNs who prefer to work as a private nurse in whom they perform their duties inside and outside the home of a patient. On the other hand, some LPNs take up additional trainings and studies to become registered nurses. Some LPNs aspire to be doctors and so they take up the necessary requirements to become one.

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