What is LPI certification?

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LPI certification refers to certification issued by the Linux Professional Institute.  LPI certification is given in multiple levels to Linux professionals who wish to demonstrate their skill level in the Linux platform or environment.  Getting a LPI certification is important for many Linux professionals because it is equivalent to being certified according to global standards.

The program for LPI certification is designed by various members of the Linux community including experts, professionals, and educators among many others.  The various tests involved in LPI certification are said to be very challenging and are specifically designed to distinguish the best Linux experts from the average person.  Testing also involves reliable input from only the most-trained in the Linux environment.  The best thing about LPI certification is that the actual testing is highly accessible.  Across the globe, there are thousands of testing centers for people to try their luck and get a LPI certification.

LPI certification is standardized at three different levels namely Junior, Advanced, and Senior.  Junior and Advanced level certifications focus mainly on Linux System Administration.  Junior level testing involves working at the command line and the performance of basic Linux maintenance tasks.  Network configuration and setup is also part of the Junior certification testing.  Advanced LPI certification meanwhile focuses on medium size site administration involving both Linux and Microsoft environments.  Topics under the Advanced program include Linux kernel, file systems, network configuration and domain name servers among many others. For the senior certification program, the focus is on security and virtualization.  The senior program is also specifically designed for enterprise-level professionals of the Linux environment.

In terms of testing, one must need to get the Junior LPI certification before proceeding to get certified under the Advanced and Senior levels.  Once a Linux professional is junior-certified though, he/she may choose to take the exam for either the Advanced or Senior levels.  There are also other prerequisite exams in getting the different certification levels under the LPI certification program.

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