What is Love?

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There are many quotes, phrases, songs, poems, books and stories about love. Each giving a new answer to the question, what is love? Over the years many have attempted to answer this question and to this date we still do not have a universally acceptable definition of love. Love is many things, yet it remains one.

The first thing that is accepted by all who address the question of love is that it involves emotions. These are feelings that are warm, affectionate and positive. These feelings will be varied depending on what or who is being loved but they will always be warm, affectionate and positive. It is not possible to separate love and emotions, anything or anyone that is unfeeling is not capable of love. It must begin as an emotion before it can progress to any other form. Due to the intensity of these emotions, they will stir thought and these thoughts will in turn become physical.
The next universally accepted element of love is action. This is the physical form of love which is a progression from the emotion level. Love will require a showing of some sort and not merely an emotion that remains bottled inside an individual. It has to be shown, if not exposed no one can know of its existence. Just like the emotional level, the physical level of love will also vary according to the recipient. One of the most obvious displays of love on the physical level is physical closeness. Regardless of whether it is someone, something or an activity there will be preference for physical closeness that will be obvious to any observer. The physical level will also involve action, these means that the recipient of love will also be a recipient of actions that are intended to show love. Sometimes these actions may not convey the intended message despite the very noble intentions of the person doing them.

From here love requires other attributes such as consistency and honesty in order to thrive. Like every other thing that is born, love will need sustenance to grow. Sustenance here is honesty and consistency or if you like consistent honesty. Without this sustenance, it will die. This is the most challenging level of love as there will often be situations where consistency is not possible and honesty will seem not to be the best option. During these difficult times love will rely on the past sustenance, there will be stocks kept aside by the recipient from past actions that demonstrated love. These can be depleted over time if over used and should be saved only for those times it is very necessary.

Like many before us we will try and answer the question of love but like all of them we will each have our own answer for that which holds us together.
Love is all these things and more. It is a bond and yet it is freedom, love believes and yet it is unbelievable, love is everything yet it is one. Love cannot exist without life yet life without love is simply existence.

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