What is loquita?

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In the world of the Internet and social networking sites, many people have encountered the word “loquita.”  Many have also noticed, especially young females, that they are called loquita by their male friends or boyfriends.  This is especially true for people who are Spanish-speaking or in areas where Spanish is also widely spoken along with English.  ‘Loquita’ basically translates to ‘crazy girl’ or ‘crazy little girl,’ and it is considered an urban term or language.  When a young lady is called a loquita, she is simply referred to as a ‘crazy little girl’ or ‘ crazy lady.’  The “crazy” part of this urban term is mentioned in a positive and light-hearted way though instead of being a negative trait.

The term “loquita” may also be spelled as “lokita.”  The difference in spelling basically roots from the fact that not all people actually know the complexities of Spanish terms, and some basically copy what other people are saying or typing on chat rooms.  This particular term is considered to have come from the root word “loca” which is the Spanish word for ‘crazy.’  From “loca”, the term has evolved to “locita,” “lokita,” or “loquita.”

Through chat rooms and social networking sites, and even on mobile phone texting, many young girls and ladies have been called ‘loquita’ by other people.  It has become quite a popular urban term which is why many people have wondered what this term actually means.  Using the formal Spanish language, though, one may not be able to find the term “loquita.” But when it comes to the younger generations, new terms are being coined regularly.  Many of these terms including “loquita” for example, are easily spread through the mobile and Internet world.  So the next time a lady is called a loquita, it just means that this particular lady is referred to as some kind of crazy girl but in a sweet and positive kind of way.

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