What is Lopressor?

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What is Lopressor?
Lopressor is a brand of drug used in the treatment of angina or chest pain and hypertension. Its generic name is “metoprolol” which is part of a drug-group called “beta-blockers” that targets the heart and the blood vessels. Aside from chest pain and high blood pressure, doctors may also prescribe Lopressor as a preventive measure for heart attack.

Lopressor or metoprolol functions to inhibit or block certain chemicals in the body like epinephrine. This particular substance causes some problems on the heart and blood vessels. With Lopressor intake, epinephrine’s action is blocked thereby causing lowered blood pressure and decreased strain on the heart muscles.

Lopressor is a prescription drug and must be taken by mouth only with a doctor’s advice and supervision. Dosage and frequency must strictly be followed to get the most benefit from this drug. Lopressor may be taken with our without food intake but must be ingested on a regular basis. In the case of chest pains for example, Lopressor intake won’t be effective if it is taken only during an acute attack. Dosage is usually “low” at the start of Lopressor treatment to minimize possible side-effects of this drug. For most patients, it may take a couple of weeks to experience the full benefits of this drug.

Side effects of this drug may include a feeling of tiredness and body weakness, dizziness, diarrhea, and decreased sexual potency. Some patients will also feel “cold feet or cold arms” as the drug causes a blood flow reduction to the extremities. Care must also be taken by people who are taking other drugs which may have interactions with Lopressor. Those with other conditions like congestive heart failure, hypotension, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, diabetes, depression, kidney disease, liver disease, and severe allergies among others must consult first with their doctors before commencing treatment with Lopressor.

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